Local.com – the Quiet Local Search Giant?

When everyone is speaking /writing about local search engines, usually they mean Google and Yahoo, but what about Local.com?  They seemed to be in the news every other week last year,  (check out their press releases) and just recently this year – Local.com Wins Hitwise U.S. Top Ten Award.

I get my clients listed there and from what I have seen, heard, and reviewed, Local.com is pretty good. They are one of the top players in local search.

So…my questions to you are:
Do you use Local.com?
Do you think they are a big player in local search?
Do you like what they are doing?

Look forward to your input.

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One comment

  1. I would truly appreciate it if you’d take a second to look at what appears to be the next hottest people search on the web including an already top ranking local search engine. I have just taken this company over and will be implying some of the hottest and new features on the web in order to meet and or bet my top competitors. This is one you’ll want to keep and eye on “Mark My Words.”

    1. Oddpath http://oddpath.com/ is a local search engine (evolved yellow pages) for North America, listing everything from cafes, restaurants, parks, businesses – around 11 million of them. Oddpath also has Pathfinder (map & directions), users, search, vCard capabilities, etc as well as a login in and signup to post up to date reviews on local businesses.

    2. Oddpath People will be most simple/fast interface including the largest database to search people in the U.S. This site will launch around April 1st 2008. Here is a preview http://people.oddpath.com/person/district-of-columbia/shannon-matthew/1633#map of what will be the biggest and fastest People database which has proven in our tests to have much more data than people.yahoo.com. Oddpath People is SIMPLE, SLICK, FAST, and can search 100,000,000 people FREE in the U.S. and map them too. This also includes reverse lookup (search by phone).

    3. Oddpath Money will soon launch with a new hybrid look and technology to track the markets and money worldwide. This will include a dynamic solution for users to enter information and look up various data points on both equities and markets. The data returned is compact, customizable, and incorporates comprehensive information, including charts, news, and historical stock prices, Level II, SEC filings, insiders, financials and much more.

    I would really appreciate it if your company and or you could write a review on Oddpath.com. This would be a tremendous help in order to let the community know that there is soon to be a larger database and search then the one and only people.yahoo. Also I would totally be honored if you could write a good review on Oddpath.com itself as I have just taken the company over and have just deployed many new and upcoming features that will make it one of the hottest web 2.0 out there.

    Thank you and Happy Easter,
    Chad Curtis
    CEO of Oddpath.com