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Today I have the privilege of speaking with John A.Manning, SVP Business Development of GenieKnows.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. My background is in Clinical Therapy and Educational Psychology which I practiced as a private practioner until 2004.I am one of the founding partners of Genieknows.com which we started in 1999. At present I am the SVP of Business Development and my Barb is the CEO and President.

Q. What is Genieknows? How long has it been around?
A. Genieknows.com is an online Advertising Network that offers national and international premium traffic to advertisers or their  agents. At present our network of global publishers provides about 1.6 billion searches or queries per month from USA, Canada,Western Europe and UK,Pacific Rim countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan to name a few.

We provide geo targeting so advertisers can select where and when they want their ads to be seen. We have patent pending state of the art fraud detection techniques to protect our advertsers campaigns. What we have done most recently, in addition to offering results in wide range of search keywords, is focus on certain niche areas, particularly Games, Health, and of course Local Search.

Q. How can a small business use Genieknows to help promote their business, increase their online visibility?
A. Genieknows allows small and medium size businesses to have greater control over their ads and hence their potential market like they can not do with the larger search engines. We work personally and closely with advertisers on the phone, in real time to make sure they are having their needs met and not being victimized and losing money.

Our Local Search tools are part of the neighborhood for both the merchant and the purchaser, making the business of buying and selling user friendly and simple like it should be. People live in neighborhoods not “big cities”; they shop in neighborhoods, they visit “areas” for business and pleasure. They want to know the businesses and services that are there;and the businesses want to know their customers and what they want. Genieknows Local makes all that really easy and pleasant. Businesses have visibility and become part of the shoppers mental road map for goods.

Q. What is Genieknows Local?
A. Local.Genieknows.com is only one of three local search engines that provides results for all the USA and Canada; the other two are Google and MSN. Genieknows Local is a way of thinking and doing business that makes sense to merchants and shoppers. It provides tools and functionalities unlike any other local search  engine because it allows you to organize space and services like you want and need to do which may be different for someone else.

Q. Where does Genieknow Local gets its info? Any particular database(s) you use?
A. All of our patent pending technology is developed in house; we have our own research department and do our own crawling of the web.

Q. How can a small business get listed with Genieknows local?
A. Any size business can get listed with Genieknows local by simply going to our site and signing up as an advertiser or emailing me directly jmanning@genieknows.com

Q. Where do you see local search going in the near future?
A. Local search is the future. 90% of people shop where they live and use services within a fairly consistent radius; so it make sense that as we improve the searching search quality and personalization people will continue to flock to the market through the local vehicle.

Q. Anything else you would like to say about Genieknows or Genieknows Local?
A. We are extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve in this  industry since we are a very small, privately owned family business. We believe that if people set their minds to things, they can make things happen, despite being small individuals; when the individuals come together they are a force to be reckoned with even against the Goliaths out there.

We believe this at Genieknows; that is why we need your readers to go to the site, use it and send us feedback so we can continue to improve it and personalize it for them and tell their friends about The Little Engine That Did.

Thank you John for your time and LocalBizBits readers, head over there and take a look.

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  1. “Local.Genieknows.com is only one of three local search engines that provides results for all the USA and Canada” – wha?

  2. Cool. The site is excellent and I like the way there is a grid to display maps. It makes sense coming from paper based map to online maps.

  3. Tried it out and it loads pretty slow. I also did some quick searches for my Martial Arts school I do SEO for in st paul and it had problems distinguishing between “st paul” and “saint paul” and my school didn’t really come up. My school is Kuk Sool Won of St Paul, Minnesota if you want to try it out.