Search Engine Marketing Info 10/23/2012

As humans we are creatures of habit.  I may be more habitual than most as I am someone that places a lot of emphasis on control and order.  In short, I like to know what to expect.
For example: I wake up at the same time each morning, but then I hit snooze so I can rest for 5 more minutes.  As I’m getting ready for work I am always tuned into Good Morning America, and then right before leaving I take my four-legged pup Kirby for a walk around the block…

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Putting Together an SEO Report


I usually start creating SEO reports for my clients after three solid months of link building. This gives the search engines time to notice and take into account all the onsite SEO changes that were (hopefully) implemented by my client, allows the dust to settle from that process and gives my team a few months […

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[We’re trying something different and including this sponsored post from Oli Gardner, Co-Founder & Creative director at Unbounce, a sponsor for the Minneapolis launch of Lee’s book Optimize.  You may know Unbounce as that clever service that gives marketers and marketing agencies an easy way to create, publish and test landing pages without IT or developers…

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Posted by randfish
We’ve all known someone who got hit by Google’s algo updates. Whether you’ve personally been affected or you know someone who has, it’s not fun to bounce back from and can can impact your SEO efforts if not addressed appropriatelyThis week, Rand discusses the egress of old link building practices and the ingress of new (old) link earning strategies that will help your site stay relevant in the SERPs and drive your traffic with a better user experience…

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by Stoney deGeyterThere are many angles and avenues for researching keywords for your online marketing efforts. Some people focus on numbers such as search volume or keyword competition. Others might focus on the tools you use to dig up obscure keywords to target. While these may be good keyword metrics to consider, focusing on the keywords themselves should be the most important focus…

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