Search Engine Marketing Info 10/09/2012

Twitter Discovers That Details Matter In a Social WorldTwitter has hired a new VP of Design in Mike Davidson.
Pretty standard stuff, right? Well, there is an interesting thread to this because Davidson announced his move to Twitter on Twitter in what I suspect he figured was a cool way (it was tweet number 10,000 for him which is either cool or too much information depending on your point of view, I suppose)…

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Deployment SEO Strategy and ChecklistPosted by Geoff Kenyon
Every time you have a release, do you have a test (automated or manual) that you perform to make sure that everything is good to go from an SEO perspective? This is what we call a deployment SEO strategy. Odds are you might not have one, but you should.You need a deployment strategy for two reasons: first, accidents happen…

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by Mike FlemingFirst, I’ll state the obvious… You do search engine marketing because
80% of web activity starts with a search.  You know the more you can
appear in front of your target audience based on the search query they
perform, the more customers you will acquire (assuming your company and
website do their jobs)…

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The Danger of Internet Marketing Autopilot


by Mike MoranOne of my kids approached me, book in hand, asking, “What’s the
difference between a possum and an opossum?” I was busy doing something
else, so I languidly replied, “They are the same, but opossums are
Irish.” Yes, I could have Googled it to find out. I could have told him I
didn’t know and told him to look it up…

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Google Analytics Guide: 4 Easy Tips For Getting Started With Analytics & Website Goal SettingSo, you’ve taken the important step of setting up a Google Analytics on your company’s website.  Implementing Google Analytics is an essential part of gaining insight for improving the customer experience, and improving profitability for your organization.  As they say, what gets measured gets managed…

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