Making a Mobile Ready Web Site

Building a mobile ready website is not as easy as it sounds.  I am also a web site designer, with 6+ years of experience and even I am getting confused on all of the options out there right now.  I know as time goes on and the local mobile market …

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Should My Business Be Mobile Search Ready?

Last week, I began discussing local mobile marketing.  As I began writing today,  I decided I wanted to finish up this initial discussion but as always I  found more stuff I want to go over.  Lets start today by looking at two reports. ICrossing did a study on mobile users …

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Local Mobile and the iPhone

So how many of you are waiting for the iPhone? It sounds like it is going to be pretty cool, but if I am not mistaken, right now only one network will support it or is it vice versa.  This week a couple of articles on the iPhone and local …

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Taking Care of Business Every Day

This week’s posting in Local Only at Search Engine Land is Taking Care Of Business By Taking Care Of The Customer: Five Tips For Local Search by Chris Linnett. Chris makes an excellent point, that the customer is key in anything you do in local search. They are the ones …

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My Mobile Search Experience

If you have to be an expert to write on a subject, well then I guess I am out of luck…I have to admit, I do not do a lot of mobile searching. I have a Treo 650 that I purchased a few years ago. I got it to combine …

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Mobile Search On the Move

Mobile search is the third aspect of local search. I have been meaning to write about it some time but never got around to it-other things got my attention. This is what I love about the local search field-there is something new everyday! A ton has been written on mobile …

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Small Business not doing their part

Brian Wool wrote an article the other day, Why Local Search Is Direct Marketing’s Mirror Image. In it, he explains the differences between direct marketing and local marketing.  He provides a concise and easy to understand explaination on these types of marketing and comments on why local business have not …

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Impact of Local Search

Normally I comment on how local search can and will impact small businesses. Recently found this article: The Radio Industry / Local Search Disconnect which comments on  how local search is and will impact local radio advertising. I found it very interesting.

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Small Business Websites

Recently, I was doing some online research and looking at a random selection of websites for some local businesses. I was surprised at what I found…well I guess I was not really surprised, maybe more disappointed because one of my theories was being validated. What I found was the #1 …

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Last month, Perry Evans of Local Matters announced and launched On his blog, Perry said “The site was created to “begin to lay the foundation to tackle two vexing problems in local search how to place consumer participation into the center of the experience and, how to connect search …

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