Local Mobile and the iPhone

So how many of you are waiting for the iPhone? It sounds like it is going to be pretty cool, but if I am not mistaken, right now only one network will support it or is it vice versa.  This week a couple of articles on the iPhone and local search came out that I wanted to bring to your attention.

The Kelsey Group has a nice article on their blog, The iPhone and Local Search. “Most of all, the integration of the Safari browser…could unlock a new way of doing things in mobile search.” They also provided a link to demo of the iPhone and local searching, very nice.

The other article is from Dick Larkin at Small Business Commando News, Will the iPhone change Local Mobile Search.  “Is there anyone who doesn’t think that mobile will be more important five years from now than it is today? Well, that’s your answer.

Mobile search is coming on quickly and devices like the iPhone not doubt will help with its growth but to what extent? It will be interesting to see what the local mobile market looks like in a couple of years. Stay tuned.

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