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If you have to be an expert to write on a subject, well then I guess I am out of luck…I have to admit, I do not do a lot of mobile searching. I have a Treo 650 that I purchased a few years ago. I got it to combine my pda and cell phone together; to save space and to be able to access  the Internet and check email when I needed or wanted to.  Now I love my Treo but when I got it I never thought about mobile searching.

Basically the reason I do not do a lot of mobile searching right now, is because getting Internet access was an additional charge on my plan. I got the family plan and really could not spend much more than that. I can actually get on-line via a dial up number but it is slow.

Would I like to have fast Internet access-you betcha. There have been a few times when it would have been nice. This summer as we travel I know we would be able to use it.

I think money is an obstacle that local mobile will need to clear-cell or smartphones are not cheap and then having to pay for Internet access on top of your cell minutes will discourage many.  Now I only have experience with one cell company (I won’t use name but ‘Can you hear me know?’)  but from what I have seen, most have data and voice plans, each with their own charges. My current plan is up for renewal later this year, I will see how the prices and plans have changed if any.

I just saw a cool rumor on-line…there is going to be a Treo 800w (Mobile Windows, lots of space, and Wi-fi). Cool! Having a wi-fi phone would be nice and open up a new world.  Read about it  at

What is your experience with mobile search?

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