Should My Business Be Mobile Search Ready?

Last week, I began discussing local mobile marketing.  As I began writing today,  I decided I wanted to finish up this initial discussion but as always I  found more stuff I want to go over.  Lets start today by looking at two reports.

ICrossing did a study on mobile users and found:

  • 30% of mobile users access the Internet
  • among that population 75% used their mobile device for searches
  • Mobile searchers prefer using mobile-specific versions of Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask to carrier-supplied search

Media Research also did a study that Sebastien Provencher at commented on. This study showed 60% of U.S. broadband users currently own an Internet-enabled mobile device, but only 5% of them, approximately five million, use the mobile Internet.

So, this tells us that the mobile search is not the biggest piece of on-line marketing yet. Also that when folks are using mobile search, they are using mobile versions of the big search engines.  Now to the question/title of this post-should you get your business mobile ready?

The answers: it depends.  Why?…

Mobile search has a hugh potential but for right now, you probably will not see a huge surge in traffic if you do participate. Also to get your business on the mobile scene, there are a few things you need to do, especially if you already have a website, and these will take some effort.  Right now local mobile seems to be focused on a number of business areas, most of which should not surprise you: fast food/eating, entertainment, travel, and such. If your business is not within these areas again, you will need to make a call.

In my next article on local mobile, I want to go over what a business should do if it has a website and wants to be mobile.

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