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This week’s posting in Local Only at Search Engine Land is Taking Care Of Business By Taking Care Of The Customer: Five Tips For Local Search by Chris Linnett. Chris makes an excellent point, that the customer is key in anything you do in local search. They are the ones searching for local services/products and they are the ones spending the money locally, so make sure they are happy!

Chris points out 5 areas to be concerned about:

  • go where the customers are
  • make your web site useful, give a good expereince
  • support the variety of tools on your website to help folks find what they need
  • target the visitor’s experience toward making a local decision
  • be responsive to customers

I say AMEN to all that Chris is saying.  This article is a reminder that your web site is an extension of your business.  If you are concerned about the service the customer receives in your store, you need to be equally concerned about the service he receives on your web site.  Remember, web site design is important (I will be talking about this  in future posts)  but your web site does not need to be the slickest or loadest web site out there, just one that is easy to use, provides the customer the information he needs, and gets you the sales.

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