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Just wanted to digress for a second. Do you guys get Internet junk mail? Now I am not talking about spam. I am talking about Internet related snail mail.  I have been getting them for years but now I blog-so I now I can vent 🙂

The two biggest ones I get are domain name registration and Internet Yellow Pages. The paperwork is very professional looking and well written. (The fine print on the back is very fine!) When I first received one, I really had to read it over carefully but now I just toss them out.

The thing that gets me is the prices! Holy Cow!  The domain name registration one I got yesterday wanted to renew one of my domains (which does not expire until Jan 2008) for $30/year but I could save more if I did multiple years. They also provide the option to buy related names.

I provide domain name registration as part of my web design business so I can get my names at a discount and when I do sell domains, I do not even charge that much!

Domain name registration and ownership is critical and too many business owner do not understand. When you ask someone to purchase a name for you, make sure they put it in your name and you get full access to domain name. I have worked with so many that think they own their name but really do not.

The Internet Yellow Pages is another one I get. They all have the standard YellowPages symbol and tell you that so many of the following options are included. Again the price seems a bit high for a company I never heard over or seen their website.

I definitely think Internet Yellow Page listing are important but at this stage, I would work some of the more known companies simply for security and trust factor. You will need to evaluate any offer but I would ask them what and where your listing will go, can you edit/update them, will you have your own account, etc.

Junk mail, many times is usually just junk and these companies are looking to make money so just be careful!

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  1. The domain name scams are big business and do take a lot of small businesses in. So much so that various county Trading Standards in the UK have issued warnings about it such as The Register ran a good story on it in 2002