Just when I thought it was safe…

Yes I am still alive. Yes I have not been very active here. Yes I am a loser! 🙂

What is going on? In general the economy.  The economy is hitting different sectors, locations, etc differently. From what I have seen, here in Augusta GA, a small market, businesses are not very proactive when it comes to Internet Marketing. Despite my best efforts, folks are still very hesitant to venture online and if they were online, they are backing off.  I have lost a good number of clients simply because they are folding up their online efforts since they are not seeing results.  Now am I doing a bad job. No (imho). LOL

Seriously when money gets tight, the natural instinct is to pull things in closer. Also in a smaller marketing, local search has not reached its potential nor does it seem to have the same impact it does in the larger city. This does not mean it is a waste of resources; online marketing does involve some financial commitment.

So what have I been doing?  Working other jobs. I have a ton of material to talk about here and review but there are only so many hours in the day and one has to sleep. Well tonight I was going to getting moving on it. So I decided to update WordPress  but something went wrong and killed the site. I was able to restore the theme, posts, etc, but all my widgets were killed, as was my blogroll. I just spent the last 2 hours trying to fix it all back up. If you see any links missing, that I should have, let me know.

Just when I thought it was safe to blog again…looks like most everything is back the way it was or at least close. LOL I will be back.. thanks for your patience

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  1. Welcome back, Larry. I too have lost some clients that were just starting to see ranking increases. Since they don’t see results right away they are pulling back their online marketing budgets instead of sticking it out. Oh well, I’d rather have clients that understand the long term anyway…