Great Followup Articles

Here are some great followup articles to various topics I have discussed here:

1. Mobile Search Marketing: The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Marketing by Paul J. Bruemmer. A nice summary of the current state of mobile search.

2. Link Building: Link Building for Local Search by Justilien Gaspard over at Search Engine Watch. I thought this went nicely to the articles I wrote.

3. Social Media: Everything You Need to Know About FRO (Fake Review Optimization) by Andy Hagans. I thought this was great article.  “So, local business owners, if you’re going to do fake reviews (and, let’s be honest, if you own a local business, you probably will), please keep the following tips in mind..” Thanks Andy for the advice 🙂

Think Local, Act Social by Michael Boland.  “There’s clear demand from searchers who increasingly expect user reviews as part of their local search experience.”

4. Local Search: Local Search Is About Products Too, Not Just Restaurants And Plumbers by Greg Sterling.  “Often when people discuss local search they’re referring to finding restaurants or plumbers. But the concept of “local search” should include goods and product purchases as well.”  “To look out into the future a couple of years, the three most interesting trends in ‘online shopping’  are local, social and mobile.”

Happy reading!

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