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Today I finish up my interview with Luis Pereira, the Founder & CEO of

Q. What else do you think small business owners need to know about AskPoodle?
A. AskPoodle was specifically designed for small business owners.  Our novel concepts allow small business advertiser the opportunity to engage in simple on-line and off-line collaboration activities that enable them to generate online sales leads, respond to online sales leads, and market their business online.

Q. Just to clarify, AskPoodle is set up for businesses to respond to customer requests for good or services?
A. Yes, that is correct Larry

Q. When a business sets up an account, can folks search for them specifically or do they need to put in a question and then wait for a response?
A. A customer first submits a search request.  The search request is then routed to all the businesses that match the location and category the customer selected when submitting their search request.  Businesses can then login to and respond to the customer.  Customers can also view the search results of all the businesses their search request has been routed to.

Q. AskPoodle seems to be unique, who, if anyone, do you see as your competition?
A. There are currently no direct competitors because of our novel concepts, but there are many indirect competitors in the local search space including Google, Yahoo, Superpages, and other local search engines and internet yellow pages.

Q. Finally, where do you see local search going in the near future?
A. The local search industry is a multi billion dollar industry that is virtually untapped.  The winning formula to successfully capture the local search market requires more human-interaction and less automation.  We feel we are in good position to capture a significant share of the local search market.

Thanks Luis for your time and insight. When I first found AskPoodle, the logo captured my attention but the more I poked around and spoke with Luis, the more intrigued I became.  I think they have a neat approach and we will see how grows over time.

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