SuperPages- you are on my list!

Ok-is there anyone from SuperPages reading this blog? If so, please contact me. I am a bit ticked off. Why? Because I have been getting phone calls from SuperPages asking to review my business information-to make sure it is correct/up to date.

When the first call came in, I said all the information is correct because I put it in myself. Well a couple of days later I got another call. Today I got a call at 9:51 am from SuperPages asking to review my business information. I said everything was correct.

The person on the phone (who I might add have a very familiar accent) said that the only way to change information was through him. I asked him what he was trying to sell. Nothing he said. Also I asked him if I could only change my information through him, why does it have a link on my profile page: “Update Your Profile”. No response on that one.  The caller did not really answer any of my questions.

The conversation finally ended with the caller saying, “You will not receive another phone call from us.” I said thank you. Guess what? At 1:39 pm I got another phone call from the same number. Ok guys what is going on?

Has anyone else experienced this? Outsourced telemarketing from top notch local search companies, man I am disappointed.

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  1. Larry,
    I have been getting the same annoying calls multiple times per day. I have been screening and won’t pick up anymore. These guys suck

  2. Thanks Mike. Nice to know it is not just me. Wonder why they decide this course of action.

  3. Just got a call from SuperPages-they are looking into it and going to let me know. Who says Customer Service is dead. More details to follow

  4. We have received multiple calls from Yellow Pages here at our company. All callers had distinctive Indian accents and were hard to understand. I went through the whole update your information process and at the end (after 20 minutes) they ask you if you want to be billed monthly over your phone bill. And even if you tell them you are not interested they will call again. I think this could be considered as “phone-spam”.

  5. I will definitely tell you that I deal with both yellow pages & superpages directly through my business and these phone call originate from a foreign country (hence the accents) and are all a part of a huge scam. Monitor the numbers and turn them over directly to your yellow book or superpages rep – I got the local attorney general’s office involved and I haven’t gotten as many phone calls lately – but they all say they are someone they are not and they are all looking for you to just say “yes” as many times as they can get you to say it so they can tack charges onto your phone bill. The major problem we have in fighting them is they are out of country and don’t have to follow “our” laws.

  6. In the month of Feburary of 2008 I closed down one of my businesses, I had already contacted with all the other companies in order to close my company down without any penalty charges. However I’ve been trying to contact Superpages for 7 months now. They continue to keep charging my company (which does not exist anymore) between 200 to 400 dollars a month. Through e-mail here’s what they sent me:

    “Are you noticing more business or phone calls lately? That’s because your advertising is active and working. As a result, we need to inform you that your credit card has been charged $386.46 for click activity on A small price to pay for the life of your business.”

    Apparently the only way to cut off this deal is with a single people which I havent been able to contact for 7 months. I’ve been continually calling them and all they kept doing was tossing my calls around between several different people. It’s frustrating that there are no ways to contact this company to end my billing. Theres no cancellation contract, no way to change programs, and no customer services. Even then, their services were not as beneficial as the money pays for. If I were you, I would shiek in terror by the very notion of using Is there any way to stop them?