Building Small Business Websites for Today (Part 2)

Yesterday I spoke about your website and used Stoney’s ebook as a resource you can pick up to get all the specifics.  To summarize though-your website needs to be built to succeed. You need to plan or deal with such things as:

  • domain name
  • content
  • types of pages to have (about us, faq, etc)
  • site navigation
  • keyword selection
  • and more….

Once the site is properly built then you need to promote it. Now I am not going to into great detail here because this whole blog is about promotion.  Hopefully though, you can see that there are many different ways of promoting your website. Also too I hope it is becoming clear that you will need to employ numerous marketing tactics to increase your online visibility.  The promotions you choose to use should be use to fulfill your online goals.

Some promotions techniques are:

  • pay per click
  • pay per call
  • local search
  • social media-blogging, reviews
  • mobile search
  • link building
  • article writing
  • banner ads
  • online videos
  • search engine and directory submissions

On Friday, I am going to wrap up this group of articles and focus on link building.

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