The Key to Small Business Success Online – SEO

With more and more consumers searching online, it is critical for small business to get online themselves. With the current state of the economy, it is more important than ever to work on building your online presence. Right now I am seeing more business “giving up” being online and trying to “save money” but not using the Internet. This is the wrong thing to do.

An article I recently read Why SMB owners should care about SEO by Lisa Barone, summed it up nicely

“A lot of small businesses don’t fully understand SEO. They think it’s dirty, that SEOs are snake oil salesmen, that it’s out of their budget, or that it’s something they don’t need to worry about because they’re not a major brand. The truth is, the Internet has changed the face of business and leveled the playing field for everyone. By investing in SEO, you allow your company to show up for those targeted local searches, while also putting yourself in the position to compete with the big dogs.”

Lisa goes on to list some of the key facts about SEO, that you might not know about- make sure you head over there to finish the article.

Another component about SEO that many small business might not realize, is that you can have a search engine friendly website that has an attractive design.

9 SEO Tips for Attractive Search Engine Friendly Web Design by Justin Briggs is a nice piece on how SEO and web design can work together.  “I’ll be covering some design-focused SEO tips, to show how SEO and beautiful design elements can co-exist.”

Justin’s tip make a lot of sense and any web designer, who knows what he is doing, should be able to understand them. Justin is correct that having an attractive website is just as important these days but SEO cannot be ignored.  The two can co-exist.

SEO is the best investment you can make to your small business’s  online presence.

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  1. Larry, I run into some of the same resistance to SEO from prospective clients, too. After some educating and estimating ROI, most do come around–especially when they learn how (relatively) easy it is to rank for important keywords for local search.

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