Building Small Business Websites For Today (Part 1)

A lot has changed in online marketing since I put together my first website, back in the mid 1990s. The days of simply putting up a webpage(s) online, getting some links, and submitting it to the search engines are long gone. It takes alot more for a website to be successful online these days. (I started this article a while back, but never finished it. I have a couple things on my desk that tie in nicely with the article, so now is the time…)

One of my kids favorite movies is about a bunch of ants that are being bullied by a small band of grasshoppers. Once the ants realized there was power in numbers that took care of the bullies. Small business traditionally have been the ants, “bullied” and told they are “small”, “insignificant” but statistics show small businesses really are the ones that run the economy and have power; they just need to realize it. For small business, the Internet represents a great way to “flex” their power. But to flex their muscles properly, they need have an appropriate online presence. I am speaking of a properly built website.

Stoney G deGeyter of Pole Position Marketing , E-Marketing Performance and frequent writer at Search Engine Guide, has an ebook that I want to recommend to those do-it-yourselfers, E-Marketing Performance – Effective Strategies for Building, Optimizing and Marketing your Website Online.

Stoney provided me with a copy to review and I must say it is a well written, easy to follow ebook with top notch information in it. (No this is not a paid review or advertisment! When I find something of value, I let people know about it).

Stoney has done a great job explaining what is needed to have a website that is going to last online. The book is 97 pack pages of stuff that a website owner needs to consider when building an online presence.  What he has written down, is basically what I have been telling (or trying to) my clients for years.

One of the things I really like about the book is the research exercises at end of different sections in the book. These exercises help put things into perspective.

(The book is in pdf format and the table of contents is linked to the pages in the book, making it easy to navigate. I know that took some time to put together but thanks Stoney!)

At only $39, it is very affordable guide to having a successful website. For more details and to get a copy, head over to Pole Position Marketing today.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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