Building Small Business Websites for Today (Part 3)

The last component I want to talk about is linking. Link building is a critical component to any website promotional campaign.

Years ago when I started online, linking was just beginning to get going. Now linking is a big business but there is also a lot more abuse in linking. It is harder to get links today because it seems everyone is looking for links. I have seen a lot of companies out there saying they will find “quality” links but…

Linking takes a lot of time and effort. As with every promotion you can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it.

A new resource that I have recently reviewed is “A Plan for Free Web Traffic” by Paul Easton.  Paul put together a nice ebook for beginners. Paul has been online for 5 years and has used his experience to put together a nice plan for folks.

“Traffic from links is not and instant solution, it takes time and effort. The winning points here is it’s free and you will be rewarded for your efforts over time….”

You can check out Paul’s website at

How can linking help local businesses?

I have already written two articles on local linking.

I will let you run over there to read the articles.

Note: I have just driven 1000 miles to visit my family and start a summer vacation for the next week…so posting will be light.

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