-New Local Search Directory (Part 1)

Local search is growing daily and new sites and services are emerging.  One of those sites is Recently I met up with Jason Stubblefield, President of Flatland Industries and Jason was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for us.

Q. What is the goal of

A. The goal of is to provide complete, relevant, and open local search results.

Q. Why create the site?

A. To fill a gap in the internet search market. To provide a more open, community based approach to search. To help people find cool stuff in their own backyards.

Q. What makes this site useful?

A. The specialized nature of the results are the really useful thing about this site. Very specific and very deep crawls of specific topics make for more complete results.

Everybody knows what they *are* finding, but what about what they *are not* finding? It is estimated that Google only catalogues only around 40% of the content of the web. What about that other 60%? As the amount of content out there balloons, people will need a bigger variety of tools to search the web and delve into that information not covered by whole web search engines.

Q. How do folks use it ?

A. You use it just like Google or any other search engine. The only difference people might notice is a drop-down menu in the search form. Because each city is really its own separate little search engine, you have to choose which one to get your results from.

Q. Any plans for more cities?

A. We will be adding the San Francisco Bay Area very soon. After that, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Berlin and Barcelona are all in the works, but not necessarily in that order. You can already start adding urls to be crawled for some of these cities at

Q. How can someone add a city?

A. If someone is interested in adding a city, they should email and request a new city. We will put up an editing interface where they can begin to add urls. From there it will be a month to six weeks before they can expect to see a search interface for that city. The cities that are edited most actively get priority by our crawler, so an active editor will get results sooner.

to be continued…

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