Search Engine Marketing Info 10/23/2012

5 Tips for Marketers to Change Bad Habits & Increase Productivity – As humans we are creatures of habit.  I may be more habitual than most as I am someone that

Local Search Updates 10/22/2012

What’s Up With The Apple Maps Blog? – Regular readers may have noticed my new Apple Maps blog getting a lot of my blogging attention these days at the expense of

Local Search Updates 10/19/2012

Reinventing the Lightbulb: A Conversation with ByteLight – I’ve spent some time over the past month talking with Cambridge MA based?ByteLight in advance of its launch and?$1.25 million funding?announcement this week.?

Search Engine Marketing Info 10/16/2012

5 Link Building Tactics to Improve Your Local Rankings – Posted by Matt GreenThis post was originally in YouMoz, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value

Local Search Updates 10/15/2012

Warning: New Google Guidelines Local SEOs Must Know – Could Cause Penalties – Google just updated many of the Google Guidelines. Since the blended algo is primarily about organic, Local search

Local Search Updates 10/12/2012

How To “GO MO”! – Have you heard?Mobile optimization is critical for local business websites! I’ve been recommending this nice (free) tool to businesses owners during my local internet marketing seminars

Small Business News 10/10/2012

Twin Engines for Your Business – shot by Robert Fogarty This week my latest book, The Commitment Engine – Making Work Worth It, ships in the U.S. The central theme

Search Engine Marketing Info 10/09/2012

Twitter Discovers That Details Matter In a Social World – Twitter has hired a new VP of Design in Mike Davidson. Pretty standard stuff, right? Well, there is an interesting thread

Local Search Updates 10/08/2012

Local Search articles from around the web. Enjoy New Blog on Apple Maps Marketing – Apple Maps suck. Might as well start a new blog about them: Apple Maps Marketing.comThe post

Local Search Updates 10/05/2012

The Plan for Interactive Local Media West (Dec. 4-6, Los Angeles) – It has been a great year of networking and learning at BIA/Kelsey events ? which focus on ?what?s important

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