Ok-is there anyone from SuperPages reading this blog? If so, please contact me. I am a bit ticked off. Why? Because I have been getting phone calls from SuperPages asking to review my business information-to make sure it is correct/up to date.

When the first call came in, I said all the information is correct because I put it in myself. Well a couple of days later I got another call. Today I got a call at 9:51 am from SuperPages asking to review my business information. I said everything was correct.

The person on the phone (who I might add have a very familiar accent) said that the only way to change information was through him. I asked him what he was trying to sell. Nothing he said. Also I asked him if I could only change my information through him, why does it have a link on my profile page: “Update Your Profile”. No response on that one.  The caller did not really answer any of my questions.

The conversation finally ended with the caller saying, “You will not receive another phone call from us.” I said thank you. Guess what? At 1:39 pm I got another phone call from the same number. Ok guys what is going on?

Has anyone else experienced this? Outsourced telemarketing from top notch local search companies, man I am disappointed.