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While at the Kelsey Group’s ILM last month, they spoke a lot of video marketing. I wanted to follow up the meeting and a few posts I had done before Kelsey with some info on SEO for online video.

I am currently reviewing a couple of services that allow small business to create their own videos and then they will promote the videos online via various services/markets  (other than YouTube).

At ILM 08,  I met Mark Robertson of Below is a presentation Dave did at PubCon, which I thought was very good and he gave me permission to reprint here.

Optimizing your video is just as important as optimizing your website. You want to make sure the right people see your video.

There are a couple other posts I thought worth your time. I found SEO 101: Video Optimization posted by Richard Burckhardt at Web Optimist very helpful. This is a great how to guide on helping your videos.

Another good post is How To Get Discovered Through Video Search by Eric Papczun at Search Engine Land. And finally 2008 Video Search Year In Review also by Eric at Search Engine Land.

Take a few minutes to review these. Am curious does anyone out there do online videos for their website? if so, let  me know you experiences.

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  1. I read a very good post on video optimization as well. It was on TMP Directional Marketing’s blog called Search Perspective. Here’s the link to the blogpost: It gives some really good, yet simple tips for video optimization

  2. Thanks for the link, looks like a good article!

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  4. Video and rich media have become more and more popular as people transition into spending more time online than watching television. With this increasing trend it is so important to make sure that you are not only utilizing your resources online (i.e. videos, commercials, etc) but also ensuring that these resources can easily be found online. SEO can definitely help to get exposure and visibility for your online videos.