Local Video Display Ads Grow

I got a copy of a press release from Mixpo today that I thought was interesting.

Local Video Display Ad Campaigns Grow More Than 300 Percent Year-Over-Year for Mixpo

Thousands of video ads generating more than 1.2 million minutes of viewer engagement is fueling strong interest from advertisers looking to extend their Local TV advertising to the Web

SEATTLE – Aug. 25, 2009 – Online video display advertising is helping local TV advertisers extend their broadcast strategy easily to the Web, according to Mixpo (www.mixpo.com), an online video advertising technology company. Year-over-year, monthly campaigns run by advertisers and agencies through Mixpo’s local media partners, including Comcast Spotlight, NBC Local Media and Tribune, among others, have grown by more than 300 percent, according to Mixpo data.

Mixpo focuses on online display inventory for delivering local video ad campaigns rather than in-stream pre-roll video. “Pre-roll ads are not the right solution for local advertising.  They’re expensive and have limited availability, interactivity and targeting, to drive effective local promotion. Video display ads are more affordable, can be targeted to the right customer, and allow viewers to interact as they wish, rather than being forced to watch an ad,” said Anupam Gupta, president and CEO of Mixpo.  “This new ad unit – takes the static banner to the next level with higher engagement and local response.”

Extending Local TV advertisers’ broadcast strategy relies on easily moving TV assets online, and adding interactive elements to drive local response. More than 80 percent of video display ad campaigns being delivered through Mixpo start from existing TV Spots. The ability to repurpose longer TV spots (:30 seconds and longer) gives advertisers more brand exposure than what’s achieved with pre-roll ads where 15 seconds, or less, is the purported ‘ideal’ length.  Mixpo data also shows that more than 1.2 million minutes of video display ads delivered through its platform have been watched during the past year, which translates to more than two years of 24/7 continuous TV viewing. Also, over one-third of these user-initiated views have resulted in additional clicks and interactions.

Industry data indicates over 95 percent of retail transactions occur offline, or locally. That fact is mirrored with some of the vertical categories running Mixpo video display ads, including quick start restaurants, automotive, retail, insurance, financial services, and healthcare – all of which have a local presence across different markets. In these cases, advertisers have taken their existing TV spots and made them highly interactive to drive brand awareness as well as a qualified local response, such as coupon redemption, newsletter sign up, test drives, or requesting more information.

“We are seeing a trend unfolding” added Gupta, “and that is an extension of local TV advertising strategies to the Web, with the benefits of measurement and interactivity. Advertisers have already spent tens of thousands of dollars to produce high quality TV creative. Leveraging that is the easiest way to take advantage of online video advertising.”

About Mixpo
Mixpo is an online video advertising technology company on a mission to easily extend local TV advertising to the Web. Mixpo works with advertising agencies, marketers and media companies, including Comcast Spotlight, NBC Local Media, and Tribune, to deliver response-driven, local video display advertising on the Web. To find out more about Mixpo, please visit us at www.mixpo.com.

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