Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Need to take a break from business and root on my New Yorks Giants this weekend!  I have to congratulate the Patriots on going undefeated this season, which is very impressive but I have to pat my Giants on the back too. Who would have thought they would have made it to the SuperBowl? I surely did not but they are here–this is why I think they have a chance. No one thought they would go anywhere but they proved folks wrong at every step!

Now I am not going to be like Plaxico Burgess and make a prediction but I have set up a friendly wager with Ben Saren of CitySquares on the outcome of the game. Ben, here is my selection for SuperBowl XLII:

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  1. I’m looking forward to this one; though I don’t know if even this could top the win over Dallas!

    Enjoy the game, Larry

  2. Nice pick Larry… If I hadn’t stopped by on Friday, I would’ve had to check Google’s cache on this. 🙂

    Oh, it’s all good in NY tonite!