Greyboxx Hits Augusta

Greyboxx, a nationally based, local business directory is opening up in tons a cities through the US right now. Greyboxx sets up its listings based on references it finds on-line and then gives the business a certain rank based on its pervasion.  This is what they call its  “PreferenceScoring” system.

In general, I was thrilled to see Augusta on the initial roll out list. Seems like Augusta is always forgotten!  I have done a quick look over at the site and specifically Augusta’s listings.  Here are my initial thoughts:

-interface is clean and  easy to use/read
-ability to limit search radius from current location nice
-ability to sort listings very useful
-listing of related categories on search results pages helpful
-is using Localeze to help populate and keep business data current

Greyboxx is growing and working to build a better system. There have been some criticism of it in the past but I usually give new services benefit of the doubt for a little while initially.

Now when I did a search for computers in Augusta GA, I got some interesting results. It showed  a listing for apartment real estate agent, business equipment, accountants.  Now this is not Greyboxx’s fault is has to do with the search engines trying to “figure out” its database listings. This is not an new problem and is one of those bumps in the road local search needs to deal with.

I help run a local business directory (AugustaBiz) here in Augusta, am I worried about a new player in town?  No – Greyboxx is using recommendations it finds on-line to list,  its database. AugustaBiz is basically a local business profile directory site. I welcome the new directory and look forward to seeing how Greyboxx grows.

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