TXTio.com Mobile Text Marketing for Local Business

Target Local Customers with TXTio.com Mobile Text Marketing

My good friend Eugene Belenky, has let me know that he is launching a new service to help small business market to local customers. It is called TXTio.com.  Another good friend, Andrew Shotland commented on TXTio a little while back and I too was able to try it out some. Overall it looks to be a really useful tool for small businesses.

I asked Eugene for some highlights of the new service.

Overall 3 distinctive features:
a.Local Phone Numbers (no short codes) , You can operate the site from your Cell Phone (both customers for subscription and business owners to send out promotions),
b. Pay as you go model,
c.  Sync with social networks (once you blasted promo it will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Showmelocal and Txtio)

Customer highlights:
a. Subscribes via Local Phone Number – no more confusing short codes!
b. Use any SMS-enabled device or application (cell phone, Google Voice, etc.) to subscribe
d. No Internet Connection Required – SMS
e. Easily opt-in and opt-out
f. Can Call, TEXT or scan QRCode

TXTio and your small local business highlights:
a. Deliver your text message(s) to your subscribers
b. Provides business with delivery confirmation
c. Maintains your subscriber list with verified SMS enabled numbers
d. Post messages to your TXTio, Twitter, Facebook, ShowMeLocal and any site of your choice

From the press release:

“The most effective way to reach local customers is to market your business as being local. Our service allows companies to pick and choose their SMS messaging number so they can appear local to every customer and develop that trust and consumer loyalty.”

So if you are looking a for a new way to reach your customers and keep in touch on things, look into TXTio.com. Once you try the service, let us know what you think. Good luck Eugene with this new venture.

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