Local Search Updates 10/29/2012

DudaMobile: Now with Mobile Search AdsLeading SMB mobile website provider DudaMobile has added advertising to its services. Many of DudaMobile’s basic services are free; so this represents a new revenue stream for the company. It also moves the company out of the “commodity website” business.
In addition it addresses the “now what” problem for SMBs: once you’ve got a mobile site how do you get people there?
Mobile SEO (in Google results) is a bigger challenge than conventional SEO arguably…

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With Sandy Impending, Yext Tells Business Owners to Update HoursFrankenstorm (Hurricane) Sandy is about to hit the US East Coast in a big way — with hopefully minimal damage and injury. Earlier today Yext sent out an email to business owners and marketers in affected areas informing them that they could update their hours or post messages related to the hurricane…

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Just Launched – New Local Search Community Member Perks

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Today is our 3 month anniversary at the Local Search Forum. Can you believe this thriving community is only 3 months old? Wow! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity that has resulted in over 4,000 posts and almost 400 members. To celebrate our 3 month milestone we wanted to add 3 new member perks!

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Survey: Despite Price People Want iPad MiniA non-scientific survey from Toluna following Tuesdays announcement of the iPad Mini had some encouraging news for Apple. I lamented the pricing of the new device at $329 and predicted that it would impair sales of the otherwise terrific small tablet.
In contrast, Toluna found a generally positive reaction online in its 2,000 person poll:14% of respondents said they will ‘definitely buy one’
32% said they will ‘probably buy one…

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White iPad Mini Selling, Delivery Date SlipsThe iPad Mini went on sale today (pre-orders). The Black version is still available for the original delivery date, November 2, but the White version has slipped a week.Let me make a semi-sexist statement now . . . The Mini may have greater appeal to women than men and the white color may be more appealing to women than the black…

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