Local Search Updates 10/26/2012

Moolah Media – Linking Mobile Actions to Calls and Leads
I had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of San Francisco-based Moolah Media, Shawn Scheuer, about their focused approach to driving leads via mobile ads, landing pages and content. Moolah Media has pioneered a mobile ad platform with the single minded goal of driving calls, interactive SMS texts, and web forms such as requests for appointments or installations — all of which covert at a much higher rate than clicks…

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Retail�s New Mobile-Based Pretzel: Forget Pyramids and FunnelsThrow out the pyramid and the funnel. The pretzel is the new paradigm for mobile-driven retail, according to panelists at the OMMA Mobile M Commerce event Oct. 22 in Los Angeles.
The age-old pyramid and funnel concepts have been driven by initial awareness, browsing and then transactions. But such linear thinking doesn?t make as much sense these days…

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Seattle Ruling Brings an End to San Francisco Phone Book Ban
We expected the recent court ruling on the Seattle opt out ordinance to have an impact beyond its immediate scope. And now it has. San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu introduced an ordinance Tuesday that would suspend the city’s opt-in program (already on hold since May due to a pending lawsuit)…

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The Zen Of Local SEO

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Have you ever searched the web for a totally solid guide to implementing Local SEO and come up empty handed? There’s an excellent reason for this. Unlike traditional SEO, in which ongoing new tactics can be added to a base of actions that have been reasonably similar for more than a decade, Local SEO exists […

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GPSBites Interview

– blumenthals.com/blog

GPSBites InterviewI did an interview in GPSBites where I was asked to muse on my background, the current state of mapping,  the fate of PNDs & mapping companies and the near future of the intersection of mapping and commerce. Here is a snippet of a much longer interview:
2. You recently published your own survey which was designed to gather feedback from users of the new iPhone map application for iOS6…

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