Bing and Yahoo – What you Need to Know

Recently I switched over from Blackberry to Android–holy cow what a difference the OS can make on a mobile phone.  I am loving my new Android based phone!  What does one do when you get a new phone? Look for apps of course!

So I am playing around and see there is a new app from Bing.  I like Bing maps on the PC but was curious that a Microsoft service would be on Android (Google) phone. LOL  I noticed Greg Sterling briefly commented on the app at Search Engine Land, Bing Mobile App Comes To Verizon Android Handsets. Right now I am holding off on it, but we will see.  🙂

As I am looking over the app(s), I got an email from my good friend Stacy Williams over at Prominent Placement.  The article,  written by Star Bradshaw, was entitled The Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance Will Affect Your Business. Thought it was interesting that as I was looking at the Bing app, I get an article about Bing. “Got to write about this one” I thought. 😉

Overall I thought it was a great article. Star says, “This impending alliance shouldn’t be ignored – it will produce a significant change in the search landscape. Though Google’s dominance is undisputed, with more than 65% of the market, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo combined hold a 30% share, which represents a viable alternative to the search behemoth.”

Star comments on how to deal with or protect your organic listing(s) and your PPC visibility with the coming change.  She provides a nice set of links to Bing resources as well as Yahoo and Microsoft transition centers sites.

So if you are actively marketing and listed in Bing and Yahoo, you need to spend the time and see what is in store for you (and us). Thanks for the article Star and Stacy!

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