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Early in my 10-year career as a professional SEO I realized that most writing and training about keyword research and SEO was not based on the real world I was working in.

For example, mainstream keyword research all seemed to miss the most simple of SEO techniques which is to build on your site’s successes …

So if your site is successful for the single (or exact) keyword pizza delivery then it can easily be successful for thousands of other keywords containing pizza delivery including pizza delivery boston and pizza delivery chicago.

These keywords are part of the pizza delivery keyword niche – all keywords containing pizza delivery.

There was another problem with targeting single keywords. The keywords most sites might target could often bring no more than a handful of sales at best. Worse, some keywords on their own will bring your site very few visits. Or just one visit!

In fact, it is normal for 80% of the keywords that bring traffic to your site to bring just one visit each. This might be tens or even hundreds of thousands of keywords. And no person or company can separately work on so many keywords.

So I quickly learned to find a site’s most successful keywords and then target those keywords’ niches.

Do this and you soon discover there is an almost unlimited number of different keywords in any keyword niche …

… you’ll have discovered the long tail of search marketing.

Success with one problem

Over the years I developed an SEO process to find and target keyword niches and then exploit the long tail. It has been incredibly successful, but the research required for each site took a long time and it had to keep being repeated. I needed a tool to help me …

… I dreamed of a keyword research tool that would do the job quickly.

Wordtracker Strategizer is the solution

I’ve worked with Wordtracker to build that tool. You can start using it today.

The new tool is called Wordtracker Strategizer. The ‘Strat’ automates the successful process for search engine optimization (SEO) I’ve developed and refined over the last 10 years.

You can read more about Wordtracker Strategizer and try it for a month for just one dollar at:

See you at the top.

Mark Nunney
Wordtracker Strategizer Team

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