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Yes I am still around. Sorry for not posting as much but like everyone else been busy. Overall it seems like folks are blogging less and working more, so I do not feel as bad. 😉 Now folks are definitley Twittering more…

I definitely plan to get back here and get on a more regular schedule, but in the mean time, follow me on Twitter.  Here are some updates:

Have began guest blogging at CitySquares- check out my first posting: Do you have what it takes to market a business online

Recently found a new free keyword tracking toolat Rockinseo.com Thanks for heads up Terry.

Have spent a lot of time studying, working in the mobile sphere. For a good presentation from the Kelsey Group on mobile local search, click here.

Until next time….

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  1. Mobile is one of those things that I know where I need to end up just not sure how to get there. Are you designing in wml? xhtml and swapping out the stylesheet? I’ve been trying to find time to study that… It just seems more complicated than it ought to be.