SMBs Using Their Blogs More

Over at Merchant Circle, they posted today about how they have seen a “190% increase from last January” on the number of small businesses blogging on their network. The also stated that:

  • a merchant who has written one blog sees an average of 30% more traffic to their website
  • 700 topics posted in the forums (where business owners trade tips) each week 600% increase from last year
  • 15,000 coupons built a month
  • 30,000 local business pictures uploaded each month

I am not surprised that small business owners are blogging more-it only cost time and is an easy way to engage their customer/visitor base. Social marketing is very important for the small business owner. Also by blogging you can easily increase your search engine presence.

(Thanks Kevin for the heads up.)

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  1. It works for me. I am a believer and just stumbled on your site. I have several site and can tell you a blog along with a site in a business niche is like getting in a jet…