Local Search Saved My Butt Today

Today I had to take one of my sons to a doctor’s appointment while my wife took another son to a doctor appointment at the same time across town.  She asked, “you know where you are going?” I said “yep”  Now I sort of remembered where the office was but as any man knows, you do not ask for directions.  She also said, “you cannot be late!

Well when the time came, I picked up my son and off we went confident about getting to the doctor’s office in plenty of time.  I drove to the parking garage, parked the car and got out. As we approached the building both my son and I said “this isn’t the place…” Crap.

I knew the office was part of this huge medical complex and I vaguely remembered what it looked like. So we got back in the car and drove around. After driving by two hospitals, one U-turn, I pulled into a parking lot. I took out the Blackberry Storm and decided to Google the doctor’s name. No knowing his first name I typed in his last name and Augusta Ga.  A couple of doctors came up but one caught my eye, so we decided to go there first.

As it turned out we were currently on the right street, so we began looking for the number. Suddenly I recognized the parking lot and medical building.  My son also agreed this was the place.  I quickly parked the car and we ran inside-only 5 minutes late! Not too bad, but if it wasn’t for local search would not have made it.

Yes I could have asked for directions but it would not have been as fun! 😉

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