Why I Write

A friend, said he can to my blog and was curious what it was all about. He asked if what I was doing was “shady”. LOL I tried to explain to him what it was all about but it got me thinking.

Why I am writing here? There are a lot of reasons. The main reason is because I want to help folks, primarily small business owners. Local search marketing is quickly becoming a huge market. I really think it is a no-brainer for the small business owner, but it seems like they know nothing about local search. Living in Augusta, GA, a relatively small market, I have quickly found out that it takes time for things to make it over here.   None the less, I will continue forward.

Another reason, is I love to talk. LOL Since my lovely wife really does not get into Internet or search marketing, this blog gives me a way to converse with others on this exciting field. I have to say that this blog has helped me meet and network with a lot of great folks.

Finally, the last reason, which is related to the second, is I write for me.  I love learning and as I figure something out, find out about a new service, business, or web site, I usually report it here. Now I do not expect everyone to run out and use the services that I find but, knowledge is power. You can’t do anything about something if you do not know about it first.

My hope is that the information I provide helps shed some light on the subject of local search marketing. It can be very confusing and overwhelming but I think if folks take it one step at a time, they can wade through it all. If you do not find what you need here, check out my blogroll, there are some really great sites there for you to check out. Thanks for your support.

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