Some Interesting Local Search Marketing Ideas

Found a couple of interesting articles on building local traffic and interacting with potential local customers a while back. Both of these had crossed my mind before but these guys wrote about them first so….

Going Local in StumbleUpon by Jake Matthews

StumbleUpon is a cool social marketing tool.  I have been using it for a number of months and LocalBizBits has gotten quite a bit of traffic from it. Jason described the system as, “They are there for discovery. If you show a user something local, they will get excited about it and probably talk it up…”

I am not going to repeat the whole article, (so read it) but StumbleUpon can be a great traffic building tool and is set up to help folks with similar interests to connect and share.  Jason concludes by saying: “…SU helpful for bouncing your site traffic, but you can also connect with very targeted users on a local geographic level, gender and topical interest areas to bounce your foot traffic” = Local Marketing by Andrew Shotland is another site/social networking that I have been trying to work into my schedule. Meetup is setup to help those with similar interests to “meet up” offline. Andrew says it is  a “simple, inexpensive ways to reach your target customers”. I definitely agree.  I have been working on setting up a Meetup in my area.  There is one Meetup group that I am a part of, but so far the meetings are only averaging 1-3 people coming.  The only cost of using Meetup is your time.  Hey why not create a meetup event and then plug it on Zvents? Talk about local!

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