My New Year Goals

I am not one to make predictions but I do set up resolutions or goals each year.  The “professionals” say not to go overboard and create too many goals simply because you can only get so much done. I decided to create four for right now and will add more as needed.  My goals are simple.

1. Build my business more. (I know this is everyone’s goal….but if you know of anyone looking for local search marketing or SEM help, think of me)

2. Continue networking. If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, MyBlogLog, etc, lets connect!

3. Continue to build LocalBizBits readership and advertising revenue. I love blogging and I am always looking for ways to support it.

4. Attend at least one of the big local search conferences. If anyone wants to sponsor me..I will be more than happy to plug you here.

May 2008 be a great year for everyone!

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