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The more I have learned about local search here in the US, the more curious I have become on how local search is in other parts of the world.  So what did I do? Fly over to Europe…I wish. No I surfed the Net for information and asked questions. Over the next few posts,  I will write about what I found.

To those outside of the US, please feel free to send me your comments or thoughts on local search in your neck of the woods. You guys live there, I don’t. 🙂

Today we start in Poland. A while back I came across a blog called Local Search Guide, by Mariusz Gasiewski. This blog is built around an ebook Mariusz wrote.  I downloaded the book, (it is free) and took a look. This book is packed-the table of contents is 4 pages long!  Mariusz put a lot of time and energy into the book, which is evident in all of the information and resources he crammed in there.

The ebook was written for the small business owner to understand what local search is but how they could do some of the local marketing work themselves.  He has a lot of screenshots and explanations on terms and concepts. I think the book is great. The only thing (for me) is that I think there is too much stuff in there, which could overwhelm some business owners.

I had to contact Mariusz and talk with him about the ebook and search engine marketing in Poland.  My first question to him was “Why write this ebook?”

“I created the ebook to share my knowledge about local search. I have seen many articles for small businesses, which wanted to develop their activities in search marketing, but most of the articles (even if they are really good) were not complex.

It is difficult to give any advice to small business owners, who do not know where to start. It does not make any sense to me to prepare articles about activities in Internet, Local and Yellow Pages, and Search Engines without giving some background (like: how to prepare a good and cheap website, how to be able to see their site in search engines and so on) and written with some professional, difficult language (most of small business owners do not know what: SEM, sponsored results, SEO are).

In most situations, if you want to get the knowledge from the article you need to have this knowledge already. That is the main reason I have decided to prepare this long and complex Local Search Guide. Even though it is long, if somebody is interested he will be able to get a lot of knowledge about activities in search engines.”

If want one of the more complete ebooks on Local Search, head over to Local Search Guide.  (More to come tomorrow)

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  1. It is really great ebook. I believe it is one of the best free ebooks about marketing in search engines.