My Conclusions Have Been Confirmed

I found a nice article over at Search Matters – The Emergence of Local Search.

Dan provides a consise review of the importance of local search for small business and basically repeats what I have been trying to tell clients.

  1. “One of local search marketing’s greatest benefits is its impact on search engine visibility”
  2. “More than a great source of traffic, many local search engines and directories are excellent sources of links that not only drive traffic to your site, but increase the importance and trust with which search engines regard your site as well.”
  3. “Local search is the ideal channel for companies that have multiple offices that they want to promote separately.”

Amen.  Thanks Dan, it is good to know others think the same as I do.

These comments and the studies that I mentioned in the previous post, should provide any small business with enough “proof” to get on the local search bandwagon. Now local search is not perfect and is  not a “cure all” but it is growing daily and is a powerful tool small business need to use.

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