It has been a while since I posted here…has been a crazy January. Have been thinking of two things recently.

Why do I ( and a lot of others) do online local search?  One of the main reason that I could come up with is “laziness”. I want to use the path of least resistance.  With having my computer on all day, it just makes sense…it is so easy.

Here are a few other thoughts on why I local search:

  • If I need a phone number and I do want to get up from my desk
  • It is easier to type than turn pages
  • I want know about the business but am in no mood to talk to anyone
  • I am curious what their website looks like
  • Curious if something is in stock (this is definitely faster than trying to call the shop)
  • Can easily multi-task while searching locally online

Ok small business, are you taking notes?.  You need to make it easy for “lazy” folks like me to find your business online. Put your information out there.

The second comment today is how does local search compare or work in small town USA vs the large town/city USA?

Living in Augusta Ga, a small market, local search definitely is different here than local search in say Boston or Chicago.  Right now local search is definitely a necessity in the bigger cities where things are spread out more and there is a lot of competition within each field.

In the smaller market, local search has not reached the same level of importance as in the larger cities simply because the market is smaller, less competition, less area to cover, less Internet penetration.

Local search is still important in the smaller markets but what I tell folks also is that you are working toward the future. When I first moved from New York to South Carolina, I was amazed at how long it used to take for a new movie to open up down here.  Does not really do that much anymore but the point is, the movie did eventually open up down here, just took some time. Local search is the same way, just might take some more time.

What do you think?

PS: Recently Matt McGee posted: Pros & Cons: Big City Blogging vs. Small Town Blogging thought this was a nice post comparing the different markets.