In Case You Missed It – Week 21

Need a reason to spend some time and money on local search marketing? Here are some good articles to review. These articles I thought covered numerous aspects of local search that were worthwhile for the newbie and veteran users.

6 Reasons Why Local Data Will Rule In 2011One of the best investments a business can make in 2011 is in tools or services that can ensure the accuracy of the online data published about its business”

BrightLocal Survey- 59% of Consumers use Google Each Month to Find a Good Local Business “71% of consumers value the information contained within local search results.”

What’s Hot In Local Search: Daily Deals, Loyalty Programs & Group Buying In addition to offering dynamic content like videos and virtual tours, small- and medium-sized businesses should definitely be considering the local daily deal and group coupon market through one of these models!

Why Small Minded and Small Marketed SEO Doesn’t Work But, in the right hands, a small budget can perform ok, a comfortable budget can get you some good results, and a large budget can dominate the SEO landscape.  So, stop thinking small when it comes to SEO. Think big, and do what it takes to make it big!

Dear Client: I Love You, But Will You PLEASE Stop Obsessing Over Your Search Engine Rankings? Search engine rankings are, and always will be, important. Though, with social, local, and personalized results being mixed in, the value of a ranking has been greatly diminished. Just because you see a keyword ranking great, doesn’t mean your audience is.

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