Important Trends in Local from Loci 2010

One of the best reads this year is Loci 2010, over at Mike  Blumenthals blog, Understanding Google Maps & Local Search – Developing Knowledge about Local Search.  Mike is one of biggies in local search and provides a lot of great info on his site.

Loci 2010 is  a year end review of articles in local search that appeared over a few weeks earlier this year. I decided to wait until the series was done to let you know about it so you could get it all at one time. I found it to be very informative and helpful information about what has happened and is happening in local search. Highly recommend it!

Mike said this on his blog:

“I have gathered these articles from a range of people, people whom I respect and who are knowledgeable about local search.  Each in their own way is a center of activity around local and each has their own particular perspective on which places in Local over the past year are the most important. Their voices, some more prominent in the industry than others, are voices that should be listened to as they are intimate with the many different facets of local.”

To each person, Mike asked them to share some of the articles that influenced their thinking or actions the most over the past year (2010). This year Mike asked the following folks to provide their insights:

Greg Sterling
Sebastien Provencher
David Mihm
Jim Moran of Yipit
Matt McGee
Gib Olander

Here were a few lines that stood out to me:

David – Looking ahead to 2011, I think it’s going to be all about reviews, reviews, reviews this year as the differentiating factor for most Local SMB rankings.

Gib – But for all the progress, I’m still struck by how undeveloped the space is as a whole

Greg – Local-social-mobile is the new mantra for many financial analysts and VCs.

All are great guys and know a ton about local search marketing. Thanks Mike for the great series and a great blog!

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