Mobile Coupons – 8Coupons

I recently got word from that their service is going nationwide. You can the press release on their blog here.

“When a user visits, the map on the homepage will automatically populate the Top 8 most popular deals based on his or her IP address. This ensures that anyone who visits the site will see the deals that are most relevant to them specifically.  The Top 8 deals will change dynamically as the user moves the map around to different locations, zooms in on a specific street, or narrows down the deals by sub-categories such as restaurants, entertainment, beauty & spas, services and shopping.”

From reviewing their website, it looks to be a pretty cool service. I checked for coupons in my neck of the woods and really did not see any, so I am assuming it will take some time to filter down to the small markets.

Greg Sterling also commented about 8coupons on his site, so you might want to check it out. Greg did say (and I agree)  “Coupons, wither mobile or online only, are extremely popular and successful as a marketing tool with consumers. It’s also one of the few forms of mobile advertising that consumers are highly receptive to.”

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