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Every time I sit down to work on a post, something comes up. Yeah, I know “a likely story”. LOL I have been reading so many articles that I like and think are worthwhile but I have been keeping them to myself. So to fix this situation, I am planning on twittering about the articles as I read them or find them. So the articles I have are old but the info is great. So If you can, follow me on Twitter (l_sullivan) or see the twitter update box to the right of the blog here for updates. Also too, if you find a cool article, let me know. I will be tweeting in a few minutes with my first article…


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  1. Larry, that’s an excellent idea and a good use for Twitter. A great way for you to turn those tweets into more content would be to compile each tweet (copy and paste) into an Articles of the Tweet post. (I know, Tweet instead of Week is cheesy, but hopefully a good marketing tool.)

    Wait, forget that above. I think I’ll do it. lol

    I’ve enjoyed your posts since I found your site and would really like seeing more articles by you. If you have checked out my blog and liked what you read, I would be interested in guest posting for you sometime.


    Tim Conley