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A while back, my good friend Gib tweeted “Has twitter reduced the comments on your blogs? Seems like the conversations happen on twitter instead of the comment sections? I saved his comments because I wanted to respond but wanted to use more than 140 characters. LOL

Twitter has changed a lot regarding blogging. I find myself reviewing my Twitter account more than my Google Reader. I still do read my blogs but with Twitter you get information/links/comments very close to real time. I find this helps me keep up with what is important to me (local search and sports).

From the blogs I follow, it seems like there has been less postings, but no lack of tweets. In addition, to getting information as it happened, it also appears that Twitter can act as an instant messaging tool.  I know I have used it a few times to get a hold of someone so I could call them.

So I agree with Gib that Twitter has effected blogging and commenting on blogs.  How long will Twitter be around?  Not sure, but right now it is hot and to stay competitive online, you need to make sure you are int the middle of it. My retired father-in-law even asked me if he should get a Twitter account.

So what has your experience been with Twitter? Has it changed how you read, converse online? Are the bloggers you follow on Twitter more than their blogs?

Anyone out there? If no one responds, I will understand.

Thank goodness that my blog post get sent to Twitter also. 🙂

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