iLPS-YellowSpaces iPhone App Launch

Today marks the official launch of the YellowSpaces iphone app, iLPS. With that I continue my conversation with Constantin S. Manta of YellowSpaces.

Q. Why did you decide to make a mobile app also?
A. I believe mobile is the purest form of local.  I also noticed that the IYPs rushed to the marketplace basic mobile apps.  Although they are good applications, most of the IYP companies just don’t get it when it comes to getting it right for mobile.  The core technology behind many of the IYP platforms don’t seem to be properly optimized and/or structured to offer relevant and personal search results. We thought that was a better way. And we set out to create it.

Q. Where do you see mobile search going in the next few years?
A. The mobile application that gets it right will move toward a personal advisor system that has the ability to learn, store, and predict your needs based on you search habits.  It will be able to offer quick, local, relevant, and personal (anonymous) information for the consumer.

Q. Is there any special features of the app that you do not have on the standard website?
A. With our iphone app, consumers can find local business information including driving, biking and walking directions to a desired location. As well as its unique accuracy, iLPS presents you with a map view first, so you can quickly determine which businesses are nearest to your present location. iLPS is truly a local positioning system for mobile searchers, as they can retrieve a map and business listing with only one tap.

Q. Currently it is for the iPhone and iPod touch, will any other platform be coming out?
A. As the iPhone dominates the smartphone consumer market for sales, YellowSpaces has invested in that platform first. Our next phase will be to develop an application for BlackBerry and then continue to monitor the market for other smartphone platforms that gain traction.

Q. Is there a mobile friendly version of the site?
A. YellowSpaces also offers a mobile site, for consumers with any smartphone to access our local search engine.

Here are a couple screen shots:

You can download this app via your iPhone by searching iLPS. Thanks again to Constantin S. Manta of YellowSpaces for your time and good luck with the new site.

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