The Future-Mobile Web – ILM 08

The first talk today was with Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher, Institute for the Future. He and Peter Krasilovsky had a nice discussion on where Mike sees technology going. To sum it up it is a mobile web.

Mike said “…see in 5 years everyone will be able to afford a mobile computer like the iphone”

With the new phones such as the iphone, the new Blackberry Storm, the Google phone, etc. folks will and can interact micro-locally. Mike says the geo-location technology is only going to grow and become better.  With this being the case, there will be an opening of the mobile networks, thus creating a more mobile web which could really dominate. Focusing on local marketing and the providing more localized services on these devices is the future.

Mike also mentioned that geo-spacial issues with local search are also an area to consider. GeoRSS, is the standard way to code location into a web object (ad or content) is something everyone (smbs, marketers) need to know exists and utilize.

So, the future is local, centered around mobile devices, geo-targeting and engaging with the consumer as they are on the go.

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