SuperForum II: Local Video/Out-of-Home Explosion – ILM 08

The second SuperForum dealt with local video. I learned a lot but at the same time came to the conclusion I had before-there are a ton of options and I do not know what is best yet.

The forum started with Brad Inman, Founder and CEO of TurnHere. He had a great presentation talking about “great ideas for the little guy” He went through a list of what and where local video is for video providers.

Video Production and Distribution: This section had four different video producers great samples of their product for one local dentist. It was cool is see how the different companies work, they different types of products that produce and how they distribute and promote videos online.

The companies represented were:
Mixpo – the only one that does not work directly with small business

The pricing, products, distribution are really varied, so the small business will need to do some homework on what they want and how much they can pay. Will there be one ultimate winner?  I do not think so, since each does something a bit different.  Has anyone out there tried any of these services? Your thoughts?

Video Sales: This panel spoke about selling local video. Just like any sales, the ability to explain, demonstrate, and support the product will be critical. The main point I got out was that online local video is just like selling TV ads, takes some time but should be viewed as having the same value as TV ads.

Out-of-Home: The final panel was on a subject I really had not thought much about. Out-of-home Video is growing very quickly and there are business out there that help produce and distribute local video ads in places outside the home. Folks are on the go, why not have a video monitor up and run local ads while pumping gas, buying groceries or coffee, working out in the gym, at the student center, etc.

Peter Bowen, CEO, SeeSaw Networks said the vision is to “intercept people in their work, play and social routines.”  They put up some numbers that showed ads running while pumping gas gas station, for example, had a 77% notice rate, weekly impressions of 5240, and a cpm of $15.00.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry and is all local and simple growing fast. Next time you are out and about take a look around you, there might be a Danoo or RippleTV screen near by.

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  1. Great post. It’d definitely be interesting to see if small business owners, particularly those who have been hesitant to try PPC, SEO or even create a website, will respond better to these video ads.