Where are SMB's Advertising these Days?

Starting today, I am starting a new feature here are LocalBizBits.

The folks over at Palore.com crawl the Web to identify which local businesses advertise online, where they advertise, when, and how much they pay for their ads.  Periodically I will be posting some of their research data.

Today post focused on whether Boston restaurants and NYC night clubs advertise on a single site* or on multiple sites. (By “single site”, they mean that the advertiser has elected only to advertise on one site – not that only one site is the preferred choice of all “single site” advertisers)

This is very interesting data and definitely shows that these businesses can and should probably increase their on-line advertising.

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  1. Hey Larry, interesting statistics. Not shocking considering the nature of SMB owners and their approach to Internet in general.

    I have somehow related question though.

    According to Palore’s web site:

    Using state-of-the-art crawling technology, Palore extracts, merges, cleans and normalizes highly accurate business details from multiple sources.

    Gathered data is normalized and ready for 3rd party consumption (for sale) .

    What sites they crawl and on what terms? If data gets syndicated from the licensed sources, it does not present a precise statistics but only indicates weight of particular data partner in the equation. If data gets syndicated from allover the internet, I am not sure if it can be included in the future commercial use without explicit licensing.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  2. It seems these types of businesses are so fast paced and hectic that covering their online advertising a bit more thoroughly simply doesn’t occur to many of them. It definitely opens up a wide group of people to coerce into advertising though doesn’t it?