New Local Search Service From Brick Marketing

Just got done talking with my good friend Nick Stamoulis over at Brick Marketing about a new service his company has set up–Local Search Engine Marketing Submission Service.

I have worked with Nick; he and his company do fine work. In addition to Brick Marketing, Nick runs a number of informative marketing blogs (see below).

As I am always looking for new info and services dedicated to local search, I decided to quiz Nick on the new service:

Q. Could you tell my readers a bit about you and Brick Marketing?
A. Actually everything you need to know is on the site

Q. What is your new local service?
A. Our service helps small businesses save time and money by letting us get their business listed in 7 top local search engines. Then each month we re-submit their site to these engines and make sure they remain listed in each of these local search engines.

Q. Why do you think local search marketing is important for a small business?
A. It is very important because local search marketing is much more cost effective than traditional offline local marketing and advertising.

Q. Where do you see local search going in the near future?
A. The future of local search engine marketing is a full intergration of social marketing and web 2.0+ features including the customer review systems that many local website currently have.

Q. You mention to me, a special for the LocalBizBits readers?
A. Yes I did, we can give your readers, when they sign up, 1 month for free. They can contact me for details.

Thanks Nick. Getting your website listed in the local search engines should be your top priority. So if you want some help, free feel to contact Nick and his crew at Brick Marketing.

Click here for the official press release on this service.

Nick’s blogs:
Search Engine Optimization Journal
Local Advertising Journal
Pay Per Click Journal
Social Marketing Journal
Blog Marketing Journal
Email Marketing Journal
Online Publicity Journal

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