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The other day I was speaking with a client (I helped her finish a web site). She wanted to do some SEO for her new business web site. She knew she needed to market on-line and that the search engines were important. [Hooray!]

Her question to me was “who to use?”  She had spoken to a number of SEO companies and got a variety of ideas/services/prices and was not sure which to use.  (I could have said me, but I was not going there.)  I told her that there is no “industry standard” for SEO and that you are going to get a variety of answers.  I warned her against anyone who guarantees results overnight.

Finding someone to do SEO can be hard to do. If you can’t find someone you know and trust to recommend someone then you need to do some research.

[Check out a post over at Paul Jahn’s LocalMN Blog: Search Engine Marketing Firm Gets $100,000 Fine – What to Look for in a Search Marketer.]

For those who would like to learn more about on-line marketing, I recommend you read, Converstaion Marketing, Common Sense Internet Strategies by Ian Lurie.  Ian does a nice job providing down to earth info and comments regarding on-line marketing strategies.

Ian has also written an excellent book, Converstaion Marketing, An Internet Marketing Strategy That Works.

The article I wanted to draw your attention to is The Internet Marketing List: 59 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t

This is a great list of things to check over yourself or things to ask your web designer or SEO person. If they know anything, they should be able to answer and explain to you anything on this list.

As I have always said, knowledge is power. Educate yourself as best you can; that will be your best bet when trying to evaluate someone to help you.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the plug Larry! I’m going to check out those other links, too. I haven’t see them… to my knowledge anyway.